Featured Artists

June: Jean Zaun

Give a brief description of your upcoming show. And what might have inspired it.

The show contains images of the mundane that I experienced in my daily or life   travels that appealed to me for either the formal qualities it contains or the spirit that is embodied in the person or environment

How have you expanded existing themes/ideas for which you are best known/or if this body of work is a great deviation from your norm, what inspired this new approach?

This show contains a fair amount of solitary figures working an honest day’s work which celebrates the regular person and their humanity, especially in small businesses.  It doesn’t deviate terribly, theme-wise from some past work.

Stylistically and/or technically, what do you hope collectors notice in your new work?

I’ve tried to be more mindful of paint surface textures and contrasting edges to lead the eye in a pleasing manner around the painting.