Celebrating Women Artists in March!

March 2nd, 2017

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Lynnette Shelley

Give a brief description of your upcoming show. And what might have inspired it.

I am inspired by animals, mythology, archetypes and symbols as well as world cultures. I like to incorporate stylized animal forms with patterns and other decorative elements to create modern icons and totemic images.

How have you expanded existing themes/ideas for which you are best known/or if this body of work is a great deviation from your norm, what inspired this new approach?

I am constantly refining my techniques and my skills as well as researching folktales, mythologies and symbolism.

Stylistically and/or technically, what do you hope collectors notice in your new work?

I hope they see my growth as an artist and a better refinement or distillation of my ideas. I am not merely trying to create a natural drawing or painting of wildlife. I am trying to invoke an icon that represents the power and spirit of the animal or the spiritual connotations of that creature.


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Rosemary Castiglioni

What I find fascinating about painting is not only the form and color of objects, but also the quieter nuances of their elemental aspects.        How they appear in time and space, the simplicity of their presence in a certain light, is compelling. This only exists as a possibility and an opening to a spontaneous and transitional version of reality. My hope is that I may bring together both the subjects and my own poetic sensibility.   Simply put, by maintaining a relationship between a constructed composition and a loose application of paint a singular moment of illumination occurs.


Rosemary Castiglioni is a lifelong NJ native who has also worked in Philadelphia PA and Florence Italy. Her drawings, paintings and mixed media works have been exhibited in national venues including the JFK School of Government at Harvard University, the Lowe Gallery in Atlanta GA and Pegas Gallery in Norristown PA. She is currently represented by The Station Gallery in Greenville DE. Rosemary has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Rowan University, and both a Certificate and Master of Fine Arts Degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. While in attendance at the Academy, she received the Toppan Prize for Excellence in Drawing. She has received a Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Artist in Residency grant for the Vermont Studio Center, and the Artist Residency for SACI Consortium Members in San Giovanni Valdarno located in Tuscany. Additionally, she has been a studio assistant to NYC sculptor Petah Coyne. Currently she teaches both Figure and Expressive Drawing in addition to Advanced Painting at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ.

Event Horizon, 17 x 17 480

Gail Troutman

Give a brief description of your upcoming show and what might have inspired it.

This show features mosaics made with broken china and stained glass.

How have you expanded existing themes/ideas for which you are best known or is this body of work a great deviation from your norm. What inspired this new approach?

I’ve taken my love for bold use of color and sharp contrast to a new level in this work. Frames and irregular borders give these pieces added interest by combining traditional Pique Assiette with my three dimensional style.

Stylistically and/or technically what do you hope collectors notice in your new work?

I have tried to use color in unexpected ways so that the work has a powerful yet soothing impact.  These pieces came together after years of caring for my elderly mother, a time fraught with all emotions felt in the extreme. I definitely believe this is reflected in my new work.



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